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New Smart Battery Charger

Exclusive to GT Kontiki, we supply 4 x individual Smart Chargers.

What is a Smart Battery Charger?

The new 4 Stage smart charger comes with the following features:

  • Charge sensitive input adjustment

    • This function senses the state of charge of the battery and adjusts itself accordingly to ensure that your battery is not over or undercharged and ensures the maximum life span out of your battery.

  • 4 Stage charge input

    • It is important that your battery receives the appropriate level of charge input at the right time to ensure it does not damage the battery.

Why 4 x Smart Battery Chargers?

Having individual smart battery chargers rather than banked chargers gives you the following advantages.

Diagnostic Functionality

Can identify which battery is not performing so 1 battery “doesn’t spoil the bunch”.

Better for the battery

Provides a repair function, and expands the battery life.

This smart charger offers a function that is imperative to the lifespan of a battery and its ability to accept charge. In Stage 1, if the Smart charger may sense that the battery has been through a fair few charge cycles it will put the battery through a “Desulphurization” process that will prepare the battery so that it is in a state where the plates are ready to accept full charge again, thus giving a longer lifespan to the battery.


Existing Owners Upgrade Steps

Have you filled out your GT Kontiki warranty card? Don’t worry if you haven’t, this can be completed as part of the process.

Phone 0800 GTFISH (483 474) during business hours to complete a small customer satisfaction survey and arrange the collection of your existing charger and return of your new smart chargers.


Stage 1

The smart charger will assess the batteries overall condition to see how many charge cycles the battery has and the batteries ability to accept charge. Once it has assessed that the battery is ok to accept charge it will move on to Stage 2.


Stage 2

Bulk charging will now occur, this means the charger will now start to charge the battery at a rate of between 1-1.3 amps depending on temperature etc.


Stage 3

Topping off will occur where the rate of charge is reduced down to prevent over heating or overcharging of the battery.

Stage 4

Float mode. This means that the charge will stop being dispersed into the battery which will allow the battery to sit on the charger without further damage being caused to the battery or for the need of the owner to have to remove the battery from charger.