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How far will the GT Kontiki go out using 3 or 4 batteries?

How far it goes out will depend on a number of factors. Firstly the condition of, and number of batteries used, as 3 fully charged batteries setup should provide a run time of 17 to 22 min’s and a 4 battery setup should provide a run time of 23 to 30 min’s. Secondly the sea conditions. A flat sea will enable the GT KONTIKI to race out unrestricted whereas heavy surf will mean that the unit will be slowed down by the hammering of the waves/rip, resulting in a shorter run.

How long does it take to charge 3 or 4 batteries?

As we supply an individual smart charger for every battery we supply with a power board, it should take the same time to charge one as it does to charge five batteries, which is roughly 5-7 hours if completely drained.

How long does it take to program the bearing for the GT KONTIKI?

It only takes seconds (not minutes like other brands), watch the video Here to see how fast and easy it is.

How do I slow down the GTK Winch when the GT Kontiki is going out?

The GT KONTIKI has the most powerful motor on the market complete with an inbuilt drag system (similar to your fishing reel), however sometimes it is easier for you to just put your shoe/boot on the rim of the drum (from the back) to slow it down as line is coming off. This method is particularly handy when there is a big surf and the line goes from slack to taut very fast (which can cause an over spooling effect.)

Why do you supply 5 Smart Chargers and not one charger with 5 leads coming off it? It is a pain having so many chargers to plug in!

One smart charger cannot (unless it is banked, not available on the NZ market) work effectively (ie go through the 4 stages) and charge more than one battery at a time. We do however provide a powerboard so you only have to plug one power cord into the wall. In the future we will invest into a “banked” smart charger, which will have only one powercord and five outlets which will independently charge the batteries (4 stage for each).


Click here for the Tutorial Videos


GT Kontiki Manual Warranty Card  Troubleshooting Guide  To open the PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from Adobe’s website.


Please do not charge your GTK batteries on any surface that may get damaged by excessive heat, such as Formica tops, or charge anywhere near flammable items, as the battery may heat up in the charging process.

Please check your charging batteries at regular intervals and remove immediately if they start to heat up or once fully charged.